Mazda Team Support Program Membership Extensions

Based on great feedback in our last survey, we extended all active Mazda Team Support Program (MTSP) memberships.

Due to the pandemic, some racers did not race last year and have not yet this year. While the MTSP membership is valid for two years after the (one) race result or track day competition that was uploaded, every active membership was extended.

  • Memberships active for fewer than the last five consecutive years were extended 365 days
  • Memberships active for at least the last five consecutive years were extended 730 days
  • Prep shop rewards program memberships were extended into January 2026
  • Those building a Mazda race car were provided an additional 365 days to complete the build

To view your MTSP expiration date, log into the parts store. Then, look towards the left under the shopping cart section. (To view the date, don’t enter the shopping the cart via the button on the right.) You may also view the expiration date by clicking on “My Account” button on the right side of the parts store landing page. Then, scroll down to the “Add Race/Track Day Result or Vehicle Info.” Note: Only one race result is required. Memberships extend two years from that event date.

Mazda Motorsports is open Monday – Friday, 6;30 am – 3;30 pm PT.  (800)435-2508