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What are the benefits of enrolling in the Mazda Team Support Program?

As a member of the Mazda Team Support Program, racers are eligible for special parts discounts on Mazda stock parts (i.e. original equipment) and competition parts. Members may also be eligible for the Mazda Contingency Awards Program, one of the most comprehensive contingency programs in the industry. Members are also eligible for the Mazda S-Plan vehicle purchase discount program and technical feedback from our motorsports' specialists.

What are the requirements for membership in the Mazda Team Support Program?

  • One (1) race result copy in PDF form for a sanctioned race event (in a Mazda) within the past 12 months + upload a current membership card PDF copy for your race sanction group or club (SCCA, NASA, etc.)
  • OR, if you are currently building a race car, upload a current membership card copy for your race sanction group or club (SCCA, NASA, etc.) and a photo of your race car under construction
  • Agree to online Mazda Terms & Conditions Agreement

If you are a shop owner and are building, repairing or maintaining race cars, engines or gearboxes for other racers you may also join the Mazda Team Support Program. While you are not required to submit race results, you may only order parts for Mazda Team Support Members who are racers. Your requirements:

  • Accept the Mazda Terms & Conditions Agreement.
  • When placing parts orders your will need to provide a Mazda Team Support number for any racer for which you are ordering stock OE Mazda parts.
  • All stock parts orders will need to be approved and processed by our staff.

How do I register for the Mazda Team Support Program?

For information on what you will need to enroll, see "Team Membership Information" page

Click the Racer Registration link on the front page to enroll. You should have a copies (pdf) of your race result or a copy of your membership card and race car photos made in advance, as you will need to upload these during the these registration process.

How long will it take for my membership application to be approved?

Account memberships are typically approved within 2-3 business days for those who have provided all required information and copies (e.g., race result, etc.). If you urgently need your account approved, once you have submitted your online membership application, call us at 800-435-2508 and provide your log-on ID.

I forgot my log-on ID and/or password; how do I retrieve it?

Remember that your log-on ID is case sensitive.

If you previously enrolled in the Team Support program but can't remember your log-on ID, please call us at 800-435-2508

If you remember your logon ID, but forgot your password, please use the "I forgot my password" link on the log in page. If you don't receive an e-mail with your temporary password in 10-15 minutes, give us a call.

I forgot my Mazda Team Support number; how do I retrieve it?

Your Mazda Team Support number is located under the shopping cart icon (top left), once you have logged into the website with your log on id and password. If you can't log on to the website, please call us at 800-435-2508.

I was previously a member but haven't raced in a few years; do I need to re-enroll?

If you were a member of the program at any time previously, you should not re-register. You will need to re-activate your account, however.

I was previously a member but haven't raced in a few years; how I do re-activate my account?

If you are building a new race car or rebuilding an existing race car, log on to your account, click "My Account", then click "Add or Update Vehicle Race car Info." Click "Add New Vehicle Details", select "I am currently building a car. First race date is" and add race vehicle and racing class information. Then add expected completion date/first race date and follow instructions to upload a copy of your racing club (SCCA, NASA, etc) membership card and photo of your car under construction.

If you are going to compete using the same race car, you will need to upload a PDF copy of one race result and a copy of your current race sanction membership card (SCCA, NASA, etc.). These can be uploaded to the site in the vehicle section.

If you are having difficulty logging on to the site, please do not attempt to re-register. Call us at 800-435-2508 and we will assist you.

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