2020 Mazda Contingency Awards Program – Updated June 8, 2020

As racing has resumed in many States and many race schedules have taken new form, Mazda Motorsports has updated its contingency awards program.

“Being a Mazda racer means you are part of a culture where each partner or stakeholder – the racers, the teams, the sanctioning bodies, and the car maker – does its part to contribute to the betterment of the group,” commented David Cook, business development manager for Mazda Motorsports. Each one of us works together to support one another. If there was one missing link, the strength of the culture would diminish. For us, it’s everyone supporting one another that makes the Mazda racing culture so strong and rooted in grassroots racing. And when it comes to contingency and the changing schedules, they provide opportunities to demonstrate our support and appreciation for the racers, teams, and sanctioning bodies. That’s the mindset we took when revising the contingency program.”

Those familiar with Mazda Motorsports’ contingency offering will quickly realize many of these changes, which are illustrated in the guide using red font. They will see race requirements have lessened for many point standings championship payouts among some other adjustments. Each change will help the racers. One of the noteworthy adjustments is that Mazda is going to pay the Teen Mazda Challenge (TMC) bonuses even though TMC was just canceled, and that includes Mazda adding back a TMC competition that offers a $20,000 scholarship to a NASA Teen Mazda Challenge racer, which was set to take place at the now canceled NASA Championships.

Applicable PDFs:

Mazda’s 2020 Contingency Awards Program (Jun 1 & 8, 2020 Updates)

Mazda’s 2020 Contingency Awards Program (Jan 1, 2020-May 31, 2020)

Contingency Awards Program Official Request Form

Contingency Awards Program Official Request Form – Penske Racing Shocks

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