2019 Spirit of Mazda Nominees – Autocross

The 2019 Spirit of Mazda recipient will receive not only the accolade, but a scholarship valued at $2,500. Meet and vote for your top choice among the 20 nominated autocrossers.

Over the years, many outstanding representatives of the Spirit of Mazda have been chosen as recipients of the monthly award. The award, however, has transitioned into an annual one. And with this evolution has come a more significant prize for the award recipient. To learn more about the process and timelines, click here.

The seven principles to consider when you vote for a Spirit of Mazda nominee:

  • Integrity – We keep acting with integrity toward our customers, society and our own work.
  • Basics/Flawless Execution – We devote ourselves to the basics and make steady efforts in a step-by-step fashion.
  • Continuous Kaizen – We continue to improve with wisdom and ingenuity.
  • Challenger Spirit – We set a high goal and keep challenging to achieve it.
  • Self-Initiative – We think and act with “self-initiative.”
  • Tomoiku – We learn and teach each other for our mutual growth and success.
  • One Mazda – We think and act with the view of “Global” and “One Mazda.”


  1. John Hunter
  2. Ron Bauer
  3. Lisa Garfield
  4. Kate and Alan Claffie
  5. Bob and Billy Davis
  6. Andy McKee
  7. Randall Wilcox
  8. Tamra Hunt
  9. Brian Coulson
  10. Darrin DiSimo
  11. Eric Stoltz
  12. Jonathan Lugod
  13. Daniel McCelvey
  14. Dave Ogburn
  15. Steve Hudson
  16. Noel Leslie
  17. Steve O’Blenes
  18. DJ Alessandrini
  19. Rick Cone
  20. Mark Scroggs

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