Parts Spotlight: Brake Pressure Sensor Adaptor for NC 2006-2015 MX-5

This adaptor is a bolt on unit that does not require you to cut the OEM brake line.   Simply remove either brake line from the brake master cylinder, thread in the brake pressure sensor adaptor then thread the brake line into the adaptor.

The adaptor will work in 360 degrees on the rear master cylinder port, so no matter where the factory threads in the master cylinder start this adaptor will bottom out into the master cylinder in a position that will work.

Extremely helpful for driver development to have brake pedal pressure data to help understand how the driver is applying the brakes.

The port is designed to work with the AIM pressure sensors that use 1/8″ npt.

There are two versions of the adaptor.  Cars with Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) use larger brake lines (M12) compared to the cars that were not equipped with DSC use a (M10) smaller diameter brake line.  Choose your correct style from the drop down menu.

You will need a 0-2000 PSI Pressure Sensor and AIM Patch Cable to connect to your AIM head unit to make everything operational:
Brake Pressure Sensor Block (Non-DSC) p/n: 0000-03-5302
Brake Pressure Sensor Block (DSC) p/n: 0000-03-5304
0-2000 PSI Sensor p/n: 0000-10-9314
1 Meter Patch Harness p/n: 0000-10-9315

Installation instructions are HERE.