Data 101 Webinar: Thurs, July 22 7:00 PM ET

As part of the 21 Spec MX-5-focused webinars in 2022, Mazda Motorsports has teamed up with partners Racers360 and AiM Sports to offer valuable insight into effectively using data acquisition. The webinars are complimentary for all Mazda Motorsports and Racers360 members.

AiM’s National Training Manager Roger Caddell and Racer360’s co-founder Dion von Moltke will discuss what screens drivers should look at when reviewing the data between sessions to find lap time and how to find those screens in AiM’s software during the webinar on July 22 from 7:00 pm – 8 pm ET.

According to factory driver and professional driving coach Tom Long, “There are aspects of data you will want to focus on. The most important one is speed vs. distance, which should likely take up about 80 percent of your time; however, one should only focus on two to three data takeaways before going on track so you are not overloaded. Typically, when one attempts to do more, we see him or her actually take a step back. Simply, start with the low hanging fruit.”

That’s one of the things that Dion will cover in the online seminar, conducted similarly to the other webinars Mazda and partners have hosted where the experts can respond to participants’ questions (your questions) throughout.

Mazda Team Support Program (MTSP) members can sign up here.

To view the AiM data offerings from Mazda Motorsports, go here or call 800.435.2508.