Josef Newgarden’s Champions Course Coming This Week

Mazda Motorsports’ partner Racers360 has partnered with two-time IndyCar Champion Josef Newgarden to bring drivers everywhere an inside look on how to become a championship winning driver.

In this first ever Champions Course, Josef walks you through 20 lessons that cover everything from perfecting your braking technique, to mental training, to race craft, and to becoming a complete driver. This is a special opportunity for a champion at this level to open up his book of secrets in so much detail.

Whether you are currently competing for a championship or just looking to get a little bit more fun out of your track days and beat your personal best lap times, this course is for you. For those drivers that are looking for a serious upgrade to their driving, Josef will even be doing a limited number of personalized coaching sessions that you can add to your Racers Lounge subscription!

Mazda Racers can sign up for the Racers Lounge today and get their unique 20% discount on the annual plan so that you can access the Josef Newgarden Champions Course for less than $100 a year as it launches a little bit later this week! Click here to receive the discount.