Webinar + iRacing Training Invite

What & When:

  • Monday, June 1 starting at 7 PM ET, pro drivers Tom Long and Andrew Carbonell will team up to walk our Mazda racers corner-by-corner through Road America (using track maps and other visual guides). This will include discussion about how to prepare for an iRacing session, with a focus on preparing many to join the 8 PM iRacing session (they will discuss format, password to join hosted session, answer questions, and more).
  • Starting at 8 PM ET, Michael Carter and Jared Thomas will join Tom and Andrew as coaches to host up to 20 Mazda racers in total (five per coach) in a one-hour long iRacing session using an 2006-2015 (NC) MX-5. (Participants must join the entire webinar for preparation.) This session will include a screen share to the webinar for those who do not have iRacing or did not sign up early enough to participate but would like to observe and listen to the coaching feedback. The iRacing session will start with the group joining the coaches in a virtual “van-around” for 15 minutes discussing the circuit. The remaining 45 minutes will be open lapping session for participants where the coaches will rotate from car to car giving feedback. Those still tuned in to the webinar will see the in-car and hear the feedback the coach is giving to each driver, which will be relevant and applicable to all.
  • Starting at 9 PM ET, the coaches will run another iRacing session, if we receive an overwhelming amount of iRacing interest.



  • These driver coachers are volunteering their time to give back to the community, which has supported them. Mazda Motorsports shares these same desires and sentiments.
  • Road America was chosen as it is site to this year’s SCCA Runoffs National Championship event, and the June Sprints is just around the corner (June 12-14). You will be better prepared for Road America.
  • While this experience takes place on Road America’s circuit, the lessons (how to approach corners, etc.) offered apply to all circuits.
  • Many will learn how to leverage a popular sim racing platform (iRacing), which is a helpful tool and now part of our curriculum to support our racers and teams – whether you’re participating in the sessions, or observing how it works, and the lessons being applied.


  • Click here to register.
  • When registering, participants need to indicate if they are intending to participate (drive) in the hosted iRacing session so that we know how many drivers per coach to balance.
  • For those who select to participate in the iRacing session as a participant, you will be notified whether you will be session one, session two (if exists), or in-waiting/deferred.
  • An iRacing account nor a simulator are required to participate in this webinar.  Participants will be able to watch & listen to coaching feedback during the van-around and lapping session via a webinar platform screen share.