Driving Tip #2: Accessing a Resource Hub & How to Study It

In a series by Racers360, today we explore the importance of knowing the right resources to access, and where to find them.

The offseason is the perfect time to focus on fundamentals.  There are a lot of great resources available, including YouTube, to help us improve. However, sorting through the quality information from all of the rest can be extremely time consuming. So, Racers360 did the hard part for you.

Its Driver’s Lounge is designed to be the perfect tool for all drivers to use during the offseason. There are track breakdowns and written notes to more than 35 racetracks (more coming soon); Racers360 has also combed YouTube, curating what it calls “Approved onboard videos” to over 50 racetracks throughout the U.S.  They found videos from a variety of cars with well-driven laps that you can be confident in using to study to set yourself up for correct visualizations at these tracks.

Racers360 also offers exclusive access to recordings of all our webinars and the occasional discount to its personalized coaching services. The best part is it is only $100 a year! To help you prepare before a given event, all Mazda Team Support Program members will receive a free 7-day trial and a 20% discount to the Racers360 Driver’s Lounge – here.

When you use its resources to study onboard cameras of laps, make sure to pay attention to more than just the racing lines the driver is using.  Pay closer attention to the sounds of the throttle. When are they picking it up? When do they get back to full throttle? Look at the braking zones as well.  How fast or hard does the front nose snap down in the braking zone?  Are they hitting any curbs? If they are, think about why they are doing it, and if it may work for you and your car.

When referencing this material, we recommend taking notes on a track map. We recommend notes on a track map often – before a race weekend, during it, and even after it (not just for future reference for that track, but for general learning / reinforcement).