Disruptive Technology in Motorsports: Coaching

Disruptive technology – coined by Clayton Christensen and introduced in the 1995 article Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave – is underway in motorsports – in coaching.

While the emergence of Racers360 is not a story such as Sony’s early transistor radios, sacrificing sound fidelity to create a market for portable radios by offering a new and different package of attributes—small size, lightweight, and portability, it is one that will make an important service more accessible: race car coaching.

There are no “large” companies or organizations in the business of race car coaching to unseat (though, there are racing schools and sole proprietorships who coach racers). And we are discussing a premium service – professional coaching of race car drivers – which will never be replaced as long as motorsport exists and the need and desire to gain the last tenth of the car means everything. But when you tether the lack of its accessibility, with the advancement of technology and the increased comfort by the consumers with the tech, you can see how Racers360 co-founders Dion von Moltke ad Christopher Roberts were inspired to create Racers360, and with it, a new concept of remote visual coaching was born.

The technology and user experience are straightforward. After an on-track session, drivers can upload a lap of video from any camera system and or data from any data system to the Racers360 platform. One of its professional coaches will review and create a personalized video to share with the driver; the cost for this coaching is $99.00. For those desiring to further improve during the weekend itself, 24-hour turnaround is $149. And for Mazda Team Support Program members who compete in SCCA Time Trials, Mazda is offering 1:1 pro coaching through the Racers360 platform as part of the Mazda Contingency Awards Program.

To help prepare before a given event, all Mazda Team Support Program members will receive a free 7-day trial and a 20% discount to the Racers360 Driver’s Lounge. Through the Lounge, drivers can access video track breakdowns to more than 35 tracks across the U.S., recordings to all Racers360 coach webinars, exclusive partner discounts, and more – here.

The Racers360 technology is disrupting, and will continue to disrupt, our industry – in a much-needed way.