SCCA U.S. Majors – Mazda Trackside Support & Mazda Contingency

The Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) has announced its 2020 schedule for its six U.S. Majors Conferences. Across these events, Mazda is planning to pay its racers tens of thousands of dollars in contingency awards funds, and offer in-person parts and tech support to racers at several events.

The SCCA U.S. Majors Conference racing is known to host some of the best racing in the U.S. Those who claim Majors championships go down in the history books with Mazda Motorsports. In 2019, there were 55 Mazda Majors champions, three of whom claimed two Majors championships: Scott Rettich (SE & NE Majors, FE2), Tyler Quance (Southern Majors – SM & T4), and Taz Harvey (Western Majors, GT-3 & GTL). Our hats are tipped.

But more than tipping our hats, Mazda Motorsports has shown appreciation in additional ways. Mazda has paid significant contingency awards to Majors Conference champions and Mazda racers finishing in the top 5 of each Majors race. In 2020, this will continue. Mazda offers racers who finish in the top 5 of each Majors Conference and Super Tour race between $100 and $600. For those who claim championships, Mazda offers an additional $1,000 or $1,250, depending on class.

Then there are there per-race bonuses. For the Spec MX-5 race car in the SCCA STL class, the per-race bonus is valued at $150.

And there are even larger per-race payouts for the Spec MX-5 Challenge Series marquee events, the Hoosier Super Tour class champions, and others. To view the contingency awards document, click here (page 9 for U.S. Majors).

But the support does not end here.

Mazda Motorsports is known to provide unparalleled support in parts pricing (stock and competition found here), and technical support of the car (800.435.2508 and in-person as select events), among more, as well.

Mazda Motorsports’ trackside support program will be back at nearly a dozen Majors events in 2020, with a focus on supporting some different tracks and customers, and some of the same. The team, led by Josh Smith, Steve Strickland and David Cook, will focus more on the Spec MX-5 eastern series events, and some of the larger events on the east coast, making it as far as west as Road America. This at-track support will hit the ground running post-Sebring (SCCA’s first Hoosier Super Tour event of the year).

Mazda pays more contingency awards to club racers than any other car manufacturer – both in total $ and total number of racers; candidly, it’s not close.  Along with the trackside and other support, these are just some of the reasons there are more Mazda’s racing on U.S. tracks on any given weekend than any other brand.