Prep Shop Profile: BSI Racing

Florida prep shop near Daytona International Speedway caters primarily to Spec Miata racers

In certain ways, BSI Racing is like so many other prep shops, taking care of about 20 race cars spanning Spec Miata, IT and GT-Lite, plus a few cars built for ChampCar, the endurance racing series once known as ChumpCar. It has a rental, with more on the way, and builds Spec Miatas for customers on a regular basis. But there are a lot of things that aren’t like the others, including its origins.

“BSI was started down in Fort Lauderdale by Stu Brumer,” explains Rob Greenwood, who is now a part owner and takes care of the day-to-day operations. “After he got done with motorcycle racing, he decided to go racing IT Rabbits. As one thing led to another, he started bringing on a couple of other guys to offset the costs. So he started working on them in the shop and taking them to the track and helping each other out. It eventually turned into a prep shop, so he stopped doing street car work and started doing more race car work, mainly for ITC and ITB Rabbits. Then he moved up to the Daytona area – and then the Miatas became prevalent. [Brumer] was one of the first builders of a Miata, so he was in from ground zero with Spec Miata. He started building more and more cars, perfecting them, winning, and here we are today.”

One unique aspect of BSI’s business is building roll cages. Sure, some prep shops that build race cars also build cages, but in the case of those who don’t, like Panic Motorsports, they turn to BSI. “We do have outside companies that will have us cage their car and they’ll finish the build. When we went racing in Grand-Am back in 2007, the officials were very impressed with how the cage was designed, how we do the rollers with the wraps on them and the Xs. They’re a very safe design,” says Greenwood, who also notes that they study any cage that has been in a severe accident in order to make improvements going forward. “We’re probably on version five or six since BSI started building Miatas in the escalation of the cages to be a safer car.”

Greenwood notes a couple of BSI alumni who are well known in the Mazda racing community, including Mazda factory driver Andrew Carbonell and the 2017 Mazda Road to 24 Shootout winner Selin Rollan. “Those two drivers are probably the most standout drivers that we’ve had come through here, but every single driver that has come through, I’m proud of,” says Greenwood.

But it’s not just pride, it’s family – in fact, it’s one of the things Greenwood believes makes BSI so special. “What makes us stand out is our family-friendly atmosphere while we’re at the track,” he says. “We try to be close to a family with all of our drivers, all of their families and our crew. We want you to feel like you’re at a barbecue with your friends versus paying us to do a job for you.”

BSI Racing
Daytona Beach, Fla