Miata Tune-Up Guide

Don’t wait until race day; do your maintenance and make off-season repairs now!

Your MAZDASPEED Motorsports team has created a series of Miata guides to help you keep costs down and your race car’s performance up. Today, we tackle the tune-up best practices.

The Mazda Miata is one of the most reliable, affordable and easy-to-maintain race cars on the market.  Like all cars, however, they require maintenance to keep them operating at top level, while keeping costs down.  The good news: Most Miata basic maintenance repairs are relatively easy to perform and will not break the bank! MAZDASPEED Motorsports offers high-quality, original equipment and performance parts for your race car maintenance needs.

Some items to check:
1. Spark plug – If there is excessive carbon buildup or the electrodes show wear, replace them. Ensure spark plugs are at proper gap before installation. Also check the spark plug wire condition for deterioration/arcing; replace if necessary.
2. Ignition timing
3. Air filter condition – Replace if dirt / debris is visible.
4. Fuel filter – If you have never replaced it or don’t remember replacing, now is a good time.

Spec Miata races and championships can be won or lost by mere hundredths or even thousandths of a second. Keep your car maintained to perform at its maximum performance potential!

Tomorrow, we discuss tips to maintaining your Miata’s cooling system – and your horsepower!

Miata Tune Up Chart