Rays wheels for the FD- RX-7

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With every opportunity possible, Mazda Motorsports celebrates the FD- RX-7 (1993-2002). Mazda Motorsports has collaborated with Rays CO. in Japan to get the ultimate FD RX-7 track-focused-wheel fitment to be available without having to order custom wheels. With the ZE-40 wheel, you can fit up to a 295/30/18 tire on all 4 corners of your FD RX-7. Depending on tire size selected, the fender rolling is highly suggested.  This setup works well on the FD RX-7 due to the chassis being designed around a square wheel & tire setup.  The FD RX-7 has the same track width front and rear along with the same wheel sizes on all 4 corners.  This just takes that approach to the max available fitment possible with the OEM body panels.

Color options and PT#’s – $677.00 each

  • 0000-04-7803 – Gunmetal
  • 0000-04-7804 – Matte Black
  • 0000-04-7805 – Silver


Popular tire size options:

  • 275/35/18
  • 285/30/18
  • 295/30/18


The ZE40 is a completely new wheel design with each of its 10 spokes featuring an aesthetic finish that also helps reduce weight. Those spokes will also feature 4 different concave faces, depending on the width and offset of the ZE40 you choose. The wheel center of the ZE40 incorporates a new overhang design for strength and looks. Detail touches on the Volk Racing ZE40 include machined logos and black high-speed air valves. The ZE40 barrel will include the anti-slip bead knurling learned from Formula 1 competition wheels.

Wheel specs:

  • 18”x10”
  • +50mm offset
  • 5 x 114.3 bolt pattern
  • 19 lb
  • Hub bore 67.1mm (hub-centric fitment for the FD)
  • Face – 2 design clears big brake kits (Brembo & AP)