Mazda MX5 Cup Race 1

New Process: Claiming Contingency Awards

Each year, hundreds of racers are paid contingency money from Mazda Motorsports for high finishing positions. After official race results are posted, and a racer submits paperwork to us (Mazda) for payout, the process on our side begins for getting the racer the payment they’ve  well earned. Mazda’s goal is to make that process as streamlined and stress-free as possible, which is why we are excited to have a new and improved solution.

Today, we are introducing the newest way we are distributing payment, which is replacing the old prepaid debit cards. This change will only apply to any payouts made since May 2022; any unspent funds from before this date will remain on the old prepaid cards.

What exactly is changing and how will I know what to do?

The racer who earns awards from us will submit paperwork in the same way as before, but now after Mazda processes their paperwork, they will be sent an email notification to sign in to a new web page to finalize how they receive payment. Many racers had been asking for an easier solution to receive ACH direct deposit for their awards, and the new web page makes that a straightforward, secure, and hassle-free option. Racers can still choose to apply funds to a rewards card (still separate from the prepaid rewards cards), if they wish.

If you submitted a request for contingency after May 1, 2022, please be on the lookout for an email notification for how you can login and receive payments. Getting paid will require the action of signing into the website and choosing a withdrawal method, and payment will not automatically default to a prepaid card. Funds will remain inside your account until withdrawn; they do not expire.

Video showing the new way of withdrawing funds:

For racers who are familiar with how to submit contingency forms, you can see the video below on how to withdraw funds:


For racers who are submitting contingency for the very first time and want to see a walk-through of the full process, see the more detailed version below: