Spec MX-5 Challenge Selects Toyo Tires for 2022

Spec MX-5 Challenge presented by Toyo Tires, in technical partnership with Mazda Motorsports, proudly announced the ongoing relationship with presenting and tire partner, Toyo Tires, through the 2022 racing season. This comes following two on-track tests with five tire manufacturers, technical partners, Mazda Motorsports, Mazda Motorsports’ factory drivers, and Spec MX-5 Challenge racers in participation.

“The Toyo has the most consistency along multiple heat cycles,” says Joshua Smith, technical development lead for Mazda Motorsports. “You can easily get four race-able heat cycles and it continues to provide a competitive and affordable race tire through at least eight cycles for most drivers,” Smith continues.

To evaluate six different tires from five manufacturers, the first test was held at Willow Springs International Raceway across two days with drivers Andrew Carbonell, Justin Piscitell, Jared Thomas, Alex Berg, Bryson Morris, and Clayton Ketcher. Three tires were selected to move to a second test, held at Roebling Road Raceway. At the conclusion, Spec MX-5 Challenge, Mazda Motorsports and the racers agreed Toyo Tires provided the best value for the series.

“In addition to the consistency between the first and the fourth cycles, allowing it to be a tire a racer need only purchase one set of for a given a race weekend, the Toyo had a very broad window for slip angle that makes it very easy to catch and correct when in a slide,” reflects Smith. “This makes it a great option for side-by-side racing without car contact.”

This partnership with Toyo, which began in 2020, will continue through 2022 allowing for up to 50 sets of tires to be complimentary provided through January 2022, one for each new Spec MX-5 build, as well as adding to the most contingency awards offered in any club racing program, requiring nine racers for Toyo cash payout in the Challenge series, as well as Toyo bucks in NASA’s ST5 class and SCCA’s STL classes.