Spec MX-5 Challenge: Western Region Battle

In the spirit of racing, the West region championship battle is re-ignited.

Although West region racers completed their final regional race at Thunderhill Raceway, per Spec MX-5 Challenge series rules competitors can race outside their region. The positive? The season is not over – we get to see more of our racers lay it all one the line throughout the country.

Following a recent event weekend at High Plains Raceway both Wyatt Couch (pictured above) and Andrew Clos increased their average, with Couch pulling into first in the smallest of margins. Couch now leads the region with a 97.67 average over Alex Berg’s 97.33 with Bryson Morris right behind. All three racers are NASA Teen Mazda Challenge drivers and in-turn some of the brightest in the sport. It is no surprise that the competition is intense.

Following that intensity, we must remember what these experienced and young racers are fighting for. There are $5K scholarships for the five champs leading up to the national championship, in addition to the six-figures on offer during the regular season plus $70K in scholarships at the championship event. As drivers look to make their mark, I promise you we haven’t heard the last of some of the West regions brightest. We expect to see continuous jumps, especially for the top-three.