Which sport, other than racing, can you name where competitors on other teams help you beat them?

“After a call earlier this week with James Brown (former director for NASA’s Teen Mazda Challenge and current supporter of many racers in Spec Miata), something dawned on me,” commented David Cook, business development manager, Mazda Motorsports, who oversees Mazda’s grassroots racing program:

“James stated he was eager to join Spec MX-5. James is one of those individuals who gives way more to others than he takes or even gets in return. Adding James to the Spec MX-5 community would be a big bonus. On that thought, I realized I had a similar one recently when it came to Craig Evans of BlueLine Racing and Charlie Hayes of Charlie Hayes racing having purchased Spec MX-5 race cars as well. Then there are George Clos of Blacksmith Race Development, Mike Travers, and Ben Merwin of Advanced Autosports also adding to their SMX cars this past month. With W2 Motorsports having a three-car team, Haag Performance a multi-car team, Panic Motorsports with two, and more involved, we’ve got a great group of teams. They not only provide great support for their customers, they support their fellow shops, Mazda Motorsports, the series and all those involved. It’s truly a wonderful group of people.

“And then I read an article published by the series this week,” continued Cook, “which added on to our article: Top 20 Reasons to Join Spec MX-5. The series focused on what could be the #1 reason to join – racer camaraderie. Here is what it said:

“Spec MX-5 Challenge competitors have often seen the positives of this series from their first drive. The financial and coaching support that can come in an event weekend is un-rivaled. We are a series for the racer by racers. Apart from the listed values that come from racing in our series, we would like to nominate one more.

“Camaraderie. Spec MX-5 Challenge competitors are unlike any other group. Our racers come together to help one another. Teams support other teams when technical problems occur, racers support their peers on and off track and simply put, we enjoy each other’s company. Spec MX-5 Challenge event weekends would not be what they were if it wasn’t for the racers, teams and partners who go the extra mile to make our series, THE series.”

Racing is special in the sports world for many reasons; camaraderie may be the most important. Camaraderie is certainly a pride point for the Spec MX-5 Challenge series and those in it (as displayed in the photo above taken at Road Atlanta in July of many of the competitors).