4 Days Left: Win Lemons of Love’s MX-5 Cup Race Car

Giveaway supports national nonprofit’s mission to provide care packages for cancer patients.   

 On July 24, 2021, Lemons of Love is giving away a fully-built Mazda MX-5 Cup race car at Flis Performance in Daytona, FL.

Each entry ticket is $100. The winning ticket will be drawn at 11:00 a.m. EST. Specially designed care packages for cancer patients are distributed to hospitals across the country with money raised through the giveaway.

“We’re thrilled to be able to have this annual giveaway again this year to support our mission of sharing love with those impacted by cancer through personalized care packages, programs and ongoing support,” said Jill Swanson.

The Mazda MX-5 Cup race car is based on a brand new fourth-generation club-trim level MX-5 built by Flis Performance is valued at $85,000. The race car includes a custom Lemons of Love yellow roll cage and more than 250 race car specific parts. It also includes component sealing and authentication tracking for parity in several of the race series in which the car competes.

The winning ticket holder will not only take home a new car, but also additional items from our generous donors. The winning ticket will also receive a trunk full of Pagid Racing brake pads, HANS device head & neck restraint from Simpson, Bell Racing carbon fiber helmet, one-year magazine subscription of Racer Magazine, Racequip 365 Outseam racing gloves, FAST cooling shirt, 24 Hours of Lemons entry fee for a 2021 Lemons race, Speedcom intercom, Roux gear bag, two-night stay at an exclusive Luxury Motor Courts Villa, set of Safecraft racing belts, and CarbonX fire rated underwear (top and bottom).

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About Lemons of Love 

Lemons of Love is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to share love with those impacted by cancer through personalized care packages, free programs and ongoing support. Lemons of Love shares care packages with cancer patients around the world, provides free programming and support services at the Lemons of Love Centers in Mount Prospect, IL and Plymouth, WI.  For more information about Lemons of Love and their mission, visit Lemons of Love at lemonsoflove.org.