Re: SCCA Fastrack May 20, 2021 – Spec Miata

In reference to letter #: 30523 – Help 1.6 SM Parity with NB and NA8 – SCCA posted today, May 20, 2021 on its Fastrack page found here the following response:

Thank you for your letter. SCCA, Mazda and NASA are all working together to address the NA platform parity and how a header or other change may affect the BOP of the class. Dyno data, race simulations and other testing has begun to properly evaluate any potential changes for the NA platform. Until we receive more data from these tests, we do not recommend any parts changes to the NA platform at this time.

While the letter itself was not shared here, the request is clear: Help the 1.6-liter Miata. It is needed. So what are the next steps to assist with improving the parity between the NA and NB Miatas?

Mazda Motorsports is working with Kooks Headers and Exhaust to provide a header to be tested for the 1.6-liter NA Miata. To ensure this is the right solution, ultimately leading to improved parity, Mazda Motorsports will conduct testing this summer, including on-track. Testing will conclude once all parties involved (SCCA and its Spec Miata Advisory Committee, NASA, and Mazda) are confident in making the right decision.