Glimpse into 2021 Spec MX-5 presented by Toyo Tires

Mazda Motorsports has combined decades of key learnings supplied by thousands of racers at every level of grassroots and pro racing used to create Spec MX-5. We’ve applied these key learnings into four key pillars: affordability, reliability, tech-ability, and really fun to drive. We’ve considered every facet of Spec MX-5 – from the car spec, the suppliers and partners, the rule set, the schedules and tracks, the ease of maintenance and repair, fun and fair competition, prizes and awards, and more.

The Spec MX-5 has a wide variety of racing opportunities from Time Trials, sprint races to endurance!


Q: Did I see a two-driver team option in the Spec MX-5 Challenge Series?

A: You did. Spurred on by demand. An opportunity for two racers to split the cost of an event, with one racer competing in the two spec races and the other in the mixed class races (e.g., SCCA STL or NASA ST5). Then, they get to compete together (again scoring points) in the championship event at the SCCA’s ARRC at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta Nov 5-7. Each racer needs to run one of the two spec races.


Q: Does the Spec MX-5 currently offer the most prize money in club racing?

A: Yes. Between Toyo Tires, Mazda, PAGID Brakes and the Spec MX-5 Challenge Series itself, the contingency prizes in the Spec MX-5 Challenge Series alone offers six-figures, by far the most in club racing. There is also per-race payout for the SCCA STL Majors and Super Tour events from Toyo Tires and Mazda. (Mazda is gathering all the contingency awards into one sheet to be shared later this week on


Q: What’s the competition like?

A: It’s very close spec racing, while the mixed class and endurance racing can provide a similar experience. The top is very tough. Some current and former pro racers have joined (Justin Piscitell won the championship in 2020). But being a very friendly car to drive (it is an MX-5), we have many new and young racers and expect to continue to see that expand, just like Spec Miata. Those under 23 are called Emerging Talents, while we also have a Master’s designation with additional prizing for those over the age of 45 (at time of the championship Nov 5-7).


Q: Lots of opportunities and prize money, but tell me about the car itself

A: Built on four pillars: Reliability, affordability, tech-ability, and fun to drive. You can find out about it here. And for a quick reference to the changes, including potential, for 2021, which is subject to change, we created a list:

  • Torsen Limited Slip Differential
    • Mazda Japan & Torsen Japan have teamed up with Mazda Motorsports and Torsen USA to develop a motorsport dedicated LSD for the NC MX-5 (includes Spec MX-5 Challenge, which will be optional).
      • This unit will be developed from the ground up for motorsports applications and have zero adjustment that is perfect for a spec series.
  • Battery Isolator with Relocation Kit
    • Solid state battery isolator that has low parasitic loss, with an alternator control
    • Plug-in-play patch harness
    • Multiple trigger options for switch activation
    • Power cables to locate in right rear of trunk
    • Battery tray with hold down
  • EGR Delete Kit
  • Cooling System Hose Kit
    • Simplify cooling system when heater core is removed
    • Reduces connections for possible leaks in hard to reach places
    • Prioritizes coolant flow to radiator
  • Cam Development is Ongoing (cams will not be introduced into the Spec MX-5 spec during the 2021 season)

We will continue to update our racers, teams and fans about the Spec MX-5 racing programs on, the Mazda Motorsports grassroots racing Facebook page, and our eNewsletter.