Winning a Scholarship: Wyatt Couch

Wyatt Couch, winner of the Mazda Motorsports Teen Mazda Challenge $20K Scholarship Shootout, moves to Spec MX-5 Challenge Series for 2021, aiming for MX-5 Cup in 2022.

As preparation begins for the 2021 racing season, we all find ourselves deciding what the next race season will look like. Winning the $20K Shootout held in conjunction with NASA’s regional event last August, our winner Wyatt Couch, has decided to build a Spec MX-5 car. Searching high and low for just the right donor car proved challenging but finally the perfect prospect was discovered. Now comes the time to transform a daily street car into a winning race car – “A challenge gladly accepted,” stated Wyatt Couch.

Having been a racer for 15 years, Wyatt is very excited for this next step having naturally progressed from karting to Spec Miata. And now with Spec MX-5 an attractive option, onto Spec MX-5. Wyatt shared, “I’m looking forward to take the step up from Spec Miata racing and see how I stack up in the ultra-competitive series that Spec MX-5 has become.” He concluded with, “I’m often asked why I do what I do… it’s fairly simple, it comes from the pure love of the sport. Aligning myself with a company like Mazda who shares the same love for the sport creates an incredible partnership. The physical and mental exertion combined with the great rush of adrenaline while racing makes for a great time and always wanting more of it.”

In 2020 not only did Wyatt win the Teen Mazda Challenge $20K scholarship race, but was also the Northern California Spec Miata Teen Mazda Challenge Champion. He followed up with a strong second place finish in the NASA NorCal Spec Miata Championship point standings, as well. This success has helped build a really strong partnership with Mazda. In learning of this success, Penske Racing Shocks stepped up to be a supporter by providing Wyatt with a set of shocks for his new MX-5 car being built.

“Without these great partnerships and support from Mazda and Penske, my new MX-5 car would not be possible – and to that I say a huge THANK YOU,” Wyatt added in response to the generosity of these partners. For many years, he has also been strongly supported by Maas Brothers Powder Coating, Kaedings Performance and Motowear International.

Wyatt would like to let other up-and-coming racers know he is always available for coaching, tech tips, and data analysis in order to help grow the sport. While still developing himself, Wyatt is always willing to share his knowledge and experiences with other aspiring drivers alike. If you don’t connect at the track you can message him on Instagram (@wyatt.couch) or Facebook (Wyatt Couch).