Spec Miata and Spec MX-5 Opportunities

Based in Georgia, W2 Motorsports is a family-run race team offering affordable opportunities for drivers to test the Spec Miata or Spec MX-5 race cars in the Southeast U.S. to help them determine which Mazda is right for them.

Spec Miata, comprised of the first two generation Miatas, is the most popular sports car racing class in the country and world (based on car count). The third generation MX-5 is the platform for Spec MX-5, which Mazda developed one year ago, and runs in the Spec MX-5 Challenge Series as well as the SCCA STL and NASA ST5 classes. Both series will be strong for years to come.

For those interested in experiencing one or both race cars, W2 offers a full arrive-and-drive program, driver coaching, chassis set-up and more. The driver coach is Grant West. Grant began his race career in a Spec Miata due to the high level of competition, Mazda’s contingency and parts support, and its scholarship opportunities. This year, Grant gained experience in the Spec MX-5 by competing, and winning, in Spec MX-5 Challenge Series. Yesterday, Grant was nominated by Mazda for the MX-5 Cup Shootout (Mazda’s professional series).

“As a racer, competition is what it’s about,” says Grant. “It’s how we get better, why we have fun. When one tethers that to support by the OEM, choosing the Miatas made sense for us. We know it makes sense for many others. What Mazda is doing for the karters and club racers is unparalleled. And we want to support Mazda’s initiatives by providing others with options. There are not many teams that offer drivers the opportunity to pilot both race cars on the same day for a comparison, for example. We love working with other racers, so it was easy for us to decide we wanted to share what we have with others.”

For set-up assistance, Team Principal Lee Walter will assist Grant and the drivers. Lee has been involved with amateur and pro racing Mazda’s since 2011 with a major emphasis on the MX-5 NC (third generation) chassis. With multiple years of experience in the IMSA Continental Tire Challenge, Lee rounds out the team very nicely.

“We’ve been fortunate to get to know the West family since they chose to compete in Spec MX-5 Challenge,” says David Cook, Mazda Motorsports business development manager. When we learned they would be offering this level of support, as affordable as they are, we felt it was perfect timing to share with the recent announcement of our Spec MX-5 and MX-5 Cup Shootouts. For those interested in testing a Miata – second or third generation – they are a good team to connect with.”

Whether it’s an introduction to the cars/series or desiring a full race season of track support and coaching, W2 can tailor to your needs. To contact W2, email them at W2Motorsports@yahoo.com. To connect with Grant, specifically, email grantwestracing@gmail.com. And follow Grant @GrantWestRacing on Facebook and Instagram.