Price Promotion: Mazda Motorsports Seat

When it comes to the race car, nothing comes in contact with the driver more than the seat. Comfort and advanced design and technology are key pieces of the puzzle.

Mazda Motorsports had those qualities in mind when it began its work with MPI on a seat for the Spec MX-5, which included ensuring the seat is FIA and SFI certified.

MPI, owned by worldwide renowned racer Max Papis, was founded on innovation, safety and customer support. Its first project as a business came in NASCAR, where it introduced a totally new steering wheel concept in 2009. Since then, MPI has been on the forefront, winning championships in IndyCar, NASCAR, dirt, and grassroots classes around the world. As MPI has grown, it has carried this same philosophy through to all its products, including this specially designed seat.

MPI’s focus has been using all of Max Papis’ knowledge and creativity in producing a state-of-the-art racing seat with the highest industry standards built on an affordable budget.

The racing seat comes standard with HALO to provide protection for the driver’s head in an impact. The finishing foam in the seat is engineered to offer great comforting support and maximum vibration and energy absorption during those long race sessions. The seat’s width is carefully designed for any type of head and neck restraint to fit securely, yet comfortably.

The MPI team was keen to add the MADE IN ITALY style a cornerstone of all its products. The racing seat has a custom graphics package that includes Mazda Motorsports and MPI logos strategically positioned, and a unique colored stitching pattern that will perfectly match the already well-established steering wheel Mazda Motorsports offers, custom built by MPI.

Whether you buy Mazda Motorsports’ steering wheel or its seat – both by MPI – you’ll receive the signature customer service, not only from Mazda Motorsports, but from MPI.

Mazda Motorsports’ Halo Seat, Regular, Part #: 0000-10-5675
Mazda Motorsports’ Halo Seat, Plus Size, Part #: 0000-10-5675-XL
Mazda Motorsports’ Halo Seat Promotional Price:
$699 (MSRP: $799)
(Free shipping does not apply to the racing seat.)

Regular Plus
0000-10-5675 0000-10-5675-XL
A 49 19 49 19
B 39.5 15.5 39.5 15.5
C 62 24.5 62 24.5
D 50 19.5 50 19.5
E 52.5 20.5 52.5 20.5
F 90 35.5 90 35.5
G 57.5 22.5 57.5 22.5


Regular Plus
0000-10-5675 0000-10-5675-XL
H 38 15 40 16
I 39 15.5 41 16.5
L 59 23.5 60 24
M 54.5 22 57 23.5
N 38 15 38 15


  • Brand new seat in fiberglass shell approved by F.I.A.
  • Integrated padded headguard to provide increased lateral support and an extra head protection
  • HANS Compatible
  • Additional reinforcement side bolsters with non-slip fabric
  • Interior Styrofoam cushions offering top comfort
  • Slots for a 5 point race harness
  • Cushions can be removed if necessary
  • Stainless steel hardware delivered type hallen M8X150
  • Weight: 21.5 Lbs. / 9.8 Kg.
  • Color: Black

Mazda Motorsports Steering Wheel Part Number: 0000-10-5650-MZ
Mazda Motorsports’ Steering Wheel Price: $228

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