Parts Spotlight: NA & NB Miata Crankshaft Damper by JPM

Crankshaft damper from Jesse Prather Motorsports integrates the timing belt gear and works with both dry and wet sump applications.
Part No. 0000-01-5220
Price: $850.00

Four-cylinder engines have many benefits – efficiency and compact size, to name a couple. But they also have their drawbacks.

“On all 4 cylinder applications there are harmonics within the engine at high RPMs that will hurt bearings, valve train components and intake components in general,” notes Jesse Prather, championship-winning engine builder in SCCA’s Production categories and producer of a line of parts for Mazda Motorsports, including his new crankshaft damper.

It’s a one-piece damper that integrates the timing belt gear and is pressfit onto the snout of the crankshaft. That makes it effectively part of the crankshaft and allows it to absorb the harmonics, Prather notes. The damper, which fits both 1.6- and 1.8-liter Miata engines, includes the trigger wheel and adaptor plate.

“Anyone who wants a high-performance damper to replace the stock timing gear can use this,” he says, noting that is if the rules for the racing class allow it. “It’s dyno tested and proven to extend engine life. It’s lighter than any other option on the market.”

The damper can also include a dry sump mandrel as part of the hub, making it able to handle either wet or dry sump oiling systems.

To order, log into the parts store, or call (800)435-2508.

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