Parts Spotlight: NA & NB Miata Steel Flywheel by JPM

Developed by a championship racer for a racer, this steel flywheel for 5.5-inch clutches can smooth out your Miata.

Part # 0000-02-5214 (Steel Flywheel)
Price: $795.00

Quarter Master and Tilton Racing Clutches (5.5 inch diameter)
(See chart below for discounted part numbers)

Four-cylinder engines have many advantages. They can be light, fuel efficient and capable of ridiculous power. What they aren’t, in most cases, is balanced and smooth. Four-cylinder engines typically have poor harmonics – the vibrations caused by the combustion process and ensuing forces from rod to crankshaft. This is why many production four-cylinder engines have a harmonic balancer.

The Jesse Prather Motorsports (JPM) Billet Steel Flywheel was designed primarily for the harsh environment of SCCA’s Production Class racing where harmonics and vibration are detrimental to engine performance and longevity. The flywheel can be used with any 5.5-inch diameter racing clutch. MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development has partnered with JPM and we now offer this proven, championship-winning design through our parts program. For a limited time only, you can purchase the JPM steel flywheel and a Quarter Master or Tilton 5.5-inch clutch at a 10 percent discount. That discount will be reduced to 5 percent on Thursday, June 11, so order now!

• Weight -7.5 Lbs – Lightweight steel billet flywheel provides a lower moment of inertia which allows the engine to reach optimum power band quickly, improving acceleration.

• Compatible with 5.5-inch double disc racing clutches. (See Quarter Master and Tilton clutch components table below)

• Made from durable billet steel, which has higher vibration dampening characteristics when compared to aluminum flywheels – reducing risk of damaging engine components.

• Wear-resistant billet steel ring gear- Improves durability and lifespan when compared to aluminum.

• Fits all 1.6L & 1.8L Mazda Miata engines 1990-2005.

• Designed for SCCA Production Class use, but suitable for any class that allows alternate 5.5-inch flywheels and clutches.

• Note: May require fabrication of a clutch pedal stop to prevent clutch from going over center. Clutch pedal should travel no more than 1.5-2.0 inches beyond clutch disengagement point.

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