2013 Solo Nationals

SCCA Solo Nationals – Mazda Champions

Mazda Motorsports pays tribute to the 148 Mazda racers who brought home 270 Mazda championships sent 1979.

More fast facts:
> Since 1979, Mazda racers earned at least two championships each year.
> In 1993, Mazda drivers took home eight championships (previous best of 5 in 1985), with the Mazda Miata emerging victorious for its first time thanks to Marla Davis.
> During the 27 year run that the Miata has won a championship, Mazda has averaged 8.66 championships per year.
> The most Mazda championships in one year was 14 (in 2007).
> Mazda had never had back-to-back years with double-digit championships until 2017 (10) & 2018 (10), which continued in 2019 (12).
> Mazda Motorsports recognizes all-time greats Kyung Wooten (10 championships in a Mazda), as well as Andy McKee, Bartek Borowski, and Tom Ellam for each taking home seven championships in a Mazda.
> There are several husband/wife champions, champions who have overcome tremendous obstacles (along with fellow racers supporting them) and many more inspiring accomplishments and stories.

Earning a National Championship takes typically takes years of dedication to the sport. Mazda thanks all those who have committed themselves to this pursuit of excellence. Mazda is most proud, though, of the character, integrity, and camaraderie of the racers. We thank all the Mazda racers who represent us so well.

To view a PDF showing all the Mazda championships by year, please click here.
To view a PDF showing all the Mazda championships in alphabetical order, please click here.