Webinar Recording: Vision on the Racetrack

One of the most used phrases at race tracks all around the world is, “eyes up.”  We all know we need to have our eyes up, but how do we know how far ahead we should be looking?  What can we do to work on keeping our eyes up on the racetrack?

Racers360 pro coaches Tom Long (Mazda pro coach and driver), Ken Hill & Dion von Moltke held a webinar May 20, 2020 for Mazda racers and Racers360 Lounge members discussing exactly where we should be looking, the 5 reference points in every corner, and techniques you can use to keep your eyes up on the racetrack.

Click here to play the recording.

Mazda Motorsports and Racers360 formed their partnership to support grassroots drivers across the U.S., helping those drivers to achieve their goals on the racetrack and get more enjoyment. These live and free webinars are a great source for drivers of all levels that compete in any form of motorsport to learn to drive safer and faster.