Spotlight: AiM Sports Supports the GT-3 Challenge presented by MPI

For the inaugural season of the GT-3 Challenge presented by MPI, all the partners return for year two, including AiM Sports, who significantly contributes direct to the racer

GT-3 racers are close; not just in lap time on the track, with many SCCA National Champions still competing in the class. They are a close group of people, just like a family. And that’s what has inspired eight industry-leading companies to rally behind them. This year, Carbotech Brakes, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company and Bell Racing Helmets have joined MPI, Mazda Motorsports, Penske Racing Shocks, Hoosier Tire, and AiM Sports.

According to GT-3 and Miata racer Adam Janosek, “The GT-3 Challenge dinners, raffles, trophies and overwhelming support of the partners has been amazing. It’s brought the family even closer, which is the main driver for me to choose GT-3.”

The partners re-connected this past offseason to see how they could better improve their support of this family. They received lots of helpful feedback from the racers and were able to come together to make the contributions even more significant. AiM Sports was one.

In 2019, AiM Sports contributed both an AiM SmartyCam and a Solo 2 DL at every GT3 Challenge event. Each product was raffled off at the racer dinner that the partners hosted Friday nights.

2016 SCCA GT-3 National Champion Stacy Wilson won the Solo 2 DL, so we caught up with him to get his take on its value.

“I was fortunate to win the AIM Sports Solo 2 lap timer at the first GT3 Challenge race at Road Atlanta,” commented Wilson. “The tech advancements have been an eye opener! Racers will spend thousands of dollars for any gain of speed on the track, but for the price of this, though for me it was graciously provided by AiM, everyone should have one. Digging into lap and sector times, MPH, corner speeds, Virtual Fastest lap, and more helped me pick up time I would not have otherwise. Using the best technology available that’s easy to use, accurate, and affordable for a grassroots racer, has helped improve my entire racing experience.”

Rob Warkocki won the June Sprints at Road America last season, as well as the Solo 2 DL. He added, “Anyone who knows me, knows I prefer a toggle switch over an electrical device. However, I was quite impressed with the ease of use of not only with the device, but the management software. I was quickly able to use several data points to help me get faster at each track the rest of the season.”

The AiM Solo 2 is accurate to within 2/100 of a second using two satellite systems. Track selection and auto-start are some of the ease of use features of the Solo 2 that make this a great offer by AiM.

The other product selected by AiM to support the GT-3 Challenge racers was the SmartyCam, which is something GT-3 Challenge racer Sam Moore took with him.

According to Moore, he had plans to purchase a Smarty Cam for his in-car camera but won it at the first GT3 Challenge race. So, we checked in with him to get his thoughts.

“The SmartyCam’s benefit is that it provides great videos, which include all the technical information that will help you to improve your lap times,” said Moore. “That’s key for me. And, I’d like to add that I am grateful to AiM and all the partners for their support to help make this a great series.”

AiM Sports offers many more helpful tools for racers. For 2020 GT-3 Challenge presented by MPI, AiM has offered to contribute three gift certificates of $500 each to be raffled at each event. For racers who already have the SmartyCam and Solo 2 DL, for example, or desire another AiM product, they will be able to make these choices using the certificates. This is just another way AiM Sports demonstrates its support for racers.

For those interested in the SmartyCam and Solo 2 DL, Mazda Motorsports offers them both:

AiM Sports Solo 2 DL, Mazda Motorsports’ part number: 0000-10-9312

AiM Sports SmartyCam HD, Mazda Motorsports’ part number: 0000-10-9310