Goodyear Joins the GT-3 Challenge presented by MPI

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company supports the racers not only with racing tires, but with tires for their daily driver

The 2020 GT-3 Challenge presented by MPI kicks off this weekend at Buttonwillow Raceway Park with the SCCA’s Hoosier Super Tour event. While many are talking about the showdown between Michael Lewis (8x SCCA National champion and 2x Le Mans racer), Tony Ave (2x Trans-Am Series champion), Taz Harvey (last year’s U.S. Majors Western series champion), and Mike Henderson (last year’s GT-3 Super Tour champion), the series has received additional exciting news: Goodyear has joined the series for 2020.

“As we looked at the GT-3 Challenge Series, Goodyear wanted to take an approach that supports not only the racer at the track, but at home when navigating through day to day activities,” commented Jay Chapman, Sales Account Manager, Global Race Tires, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. “We all have commitments and tasks that usually require tires at some point of the journey. Goodyear not only wants to be the tire that takes someone to the top of the podium, but also safely carries the family to the grocery store. Goodyear tires have a proven track record of safety, performance, and quality both on and off the racetrack.”

Regardless of who wins the races, most of the participants, if not all, will come away with a significant contribution by one of the partners of the series. Goodyear is offering a set of tires for the daily driver to be raffled Friday night at the dinner the partners host for the GT-3 racers, their crew and families. Since the kick-off of GT-3 Challenge presented by MPI in November 2018, these dinners and raffles have been a mainstay of just one more way that the partners of the series have rallied together to support the racers, crew and families.

About Goodyear in Motorsports

Since the company founding in 1898, Goodyear has become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of tires. Goodyear products reach into many different areas of business where tires are utilized such as consumer, commercial, aviation, off road, and motorsports. Goodyear operates manufacturing facilities around the globe, including a dedicated motorsports plant located in Akron, OH. Inside this plant, Goodyear produces tires for NASCAR, NHRA, SCCA, and many other motorsport activities. Goodyear’s motorsport arm has recently expanded further into the global market with involvement now in WEC (World Endurance Championship), BTCC (British Tour Car Championship), and Global TCR. These activities in motorsports allow for Goodyear to compete on the largest stages globally, showcase strategic partnerships to many diverse sanctioning bodies, but also demonstrating product quality, performance, and passion for motorsports.

For your daily driver and more, look to for its range of tires for your unique fitments and for all your GT-3 Challenge Series racing tires.