Parts Spotlight: Subframe brace for your NA/NB Spec Miata in SCCA & NASA

The only approved SCCA and NASA subframe brace for your NA/NB Spec Miata.

The Mazda Motorsports subframe braces are made from 12 gauge laser cut steel and are designed to be welded into place to help alleviate stress cracking at the factory weld on the subframe caused in the harsh racing environment.

The braces weld into place in between the lower control arm mount and the main body of the subframe and have a large dimple die hole in the center of them to help give them strength and also serve as an inspection hole for tech to be able to see the original OEM subframe welds.

Price: $35.00 is for quantity two (2) subframe braces to brace one (1) front NA or NB subframe.
Part #: 0000-04-5989

Order online or call 800.435.2508.