Parts Spotlight: Spec MX-5 Fuel Rail

Adding a fuel rail will not make your car faster, but this fuel rail was designed as part of the Mazda Motorsports Spec MX-5 package to make things easier and more cost effective.

The fuel rails are CNC-machined from solid aluminum, resulting in a robust design suitable for motorsports. Each fuel rail is anodized black for protection from corrosive fuels and for improved aesthetics and finished with bespoke laser engraving.

The fuel rail mounts to the engine using the factory mounting points, so no permanent modifications are required, and installation is quick and easy. Phenolic insulating spacers and washers help isolate the fuel rail from heat transferred from the head via conduction through the mounting hardware.

The Mazda Motorsports Spec MX-5 fuel rail kit, which is compatible with any NC (2006-2015) MX-5, includes accessories that may not come standard in other packages to help racers, crew and technical inspectors get the most out of the car.

The front-end port of the fuel rail (four large 8AN ORB ports are integrated into the design) is used to monitor fuel pressure using a liquid filled 0-100 psi gauge. An adapter fitting is provided for the front top port to receive the OEM fuel feed line, with no modification to the feed line necessary.

And the benefits continue in the tech shed. The rear top port features a male dry-break connector that is used for fuel sampling. The corresponding female dry-break connector is included with the kit, along with a length of hose, to make fuel sampling easy and quick.

In all, the fuel rail is just another addition to the Spec MX-5 package that takes the burden and thought process of the driver, team and crew, allowing them to concentrate their resources on other tasks at hand from the shop to the paddock to the tech shed.

Four large 8AN ORB ports are integrated into the design to provide flexibility in fuel plumbing and for the ability to add fuel system accessories. The large ½” internal bore is more than adequate to provide fuel for even highly modified engines.

OEM fuel injectors and the corresponding retaining clips are compatible with the fuel rail, as well as any aftermarket fuel injector that has the same fitment as the OEM.

Mazda Motorsports’ Part Number: 0000-06-5207
Mazda Motorsports’ Price: $344.00

About Spec MX-5: Mazda Motorsports has combined decades of key learnings supplied by thousands of racers at every level of grassroots and pro racing to create Spec MX-5. We’ve applied these key learnings into four key pillars: affordability, reliability, tech-ability, and really fun to drive. We’ve considered every facet of Spec MX-5 – from the car spec, the suppliers and partners, the rule set, the schedules and tracks, the ease of maintenance and repair, fun and fair competition, prizes and awards, and more. Building on the abundance of already fun third generation NC (2006-2015) MX-5s, Mazda Motorsports has developed a race kit with nearly every necessary part to convert the road car into the Spec MX-5 race car, intended for everyone from novices looking to make a long-term stay in club racing, to those aspiring to ascend the Mazda Road to 24 ladder. The focus of the support program is to enable excellent sprint and endurance club racing competition through transparency, parity, rewarding racers with the best contingency awards in club racing, the best parts pricing, and assistance from Mazda Motorsports’ experts on everything from assembly, to set up, and driving. Spec MX-5 is club racing done right. Parts for the Spec MX-5 kit begin shipping in October, so call Mazda Motorsports at 800.435.2508 now to be first in line!

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