Parts Spotlight: NA & NB Miata Competition Bushing Kit

Stiffen your 1990-2005 Miata suspension and keep mid-corner camber changes at bay.

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It’s one that a lot of people forget, but suspension bushings are a wear item. If you’re building a new car or doing some off-season maintenance, it’s a good time to replace them. As they age, they get more flexible and thus your suspension geometry changes by a small amount under load.

So at the very least you want to replace old bushings with new stock ones.; however, if the rules for your class allow it, consider the Competition Bushing Kit from Mazda Motorsports. (Competitions bushings are not permitted in Spec Miata.)

“They’re 30 to 40 percent stiffer rubber,” explains Josh Smith, Mazda Motorsports technical specialist. “There will be less flex in the suspension with the harder rubber bushings. You want the least amount of flex in the suspension to eliminate changes in your camber, caster and toe when cornering.”

The Competition Bushings are produced in the same molds as the stock bushings and look the same, only they are harder rubber and thus more resistant to allowing movement. They do have different molded part numbers for identification reasons.

Mazda Motorsport sells both a Stock Bushing Kit and a Competition Bushing Kit for the 1990-2005 NA and NB Miatas. Each kit contains 22 bushings to replace each front and rear upper and lower suspension arm bushing.

1990-2005 Miata Replacement Bushing Kits

Type Part Number Price
Stock kit 0000-04-BUSH-KT  $             413.92
Competition kit 0000-04-BUSH-40  $             605.44
Factory suspension bushings (less Ft. Upper Bushings) 0000-04-BUSH-01  $             305.08

To order, log into the parts store or call (800)435.2508.