The Mazda Collection

A premium collection of motorsports merchandise available online; the Mazda Essence Collection is coming soon

Wander through any racing paddock and you’re bound to see some Mazda and Mazda Motorsports t-shirts and hats. They’re nice and proclaim the racer’s loyalty to the brand, but sometimes people want more. For those looking to declare their Mazda enthusiasm with style, Mazda has introduced the Mazda Collection™, a premium line of merchandise and apparel, the Motorsports line of which was launched in January to coincide with the debut of Mazda Team Joest. 

“It’s called the Mazda Collection, and the first line we launched with is the Motorsports Line,” says Matthew Rhoads, a program manager for retail marketing at Mazda who helped launch the merchandise. “The second line that’s coming this fall is called the Essence Line. The Essence Line is Mazda-themed merchandise and apparel – the Mazda brand symbol, paying homage to Hiroshima and more. We launched with the motorsports line because we had Mazda Team Joest making its debut at Daytona in January and we really wanted to capitalize on that.”

The collection, which can be found online at, of course features shirts and hats celebrating Mazda Team Joest and the RT24-P prototype. But there are also shirts featuring the 24 Hours of Le Mans-winning 787B, the NA Miata and Mazda’s first rotary sports car, the Cosmo. There’s also a classy polo that pays tribute to the latest MX-5, the ND. It’s all aimed as much at racing fans as racers themselves. 

“The greater philosophy of the program is it’s not just promotional items but, being a brand-building exercise, thinking about what we’re doing with the Mazda Collection,” says Rhoads. “We were always thinking greater picture of this designed merchandise and apparel collection, where it’s truly Mazda. The apparel coming out in December is truly customized, from the hangtag inside to the stitching to the drop-shoulder design to the fabrics chosen. It’s a collection that our brand team in Irvine [California, where Mazda’s U.S. headquarters is located along with Mazda Motorsports], worked with multiple partners, including brand design in Japan, to make the collection.”

With the collection, Mazda is aiming at the same type of fans that follow racing efforts of other marques. They may be Mazda owners or simply appreciate the brand’s approach to motorsports. It’s a premium line of apparel that subtly celebrates the brand and its history. Rhoads says they may look at some special editions to gauge interest in other merchandise that may celebrate more of the grassroots side, and he also notes that the items available now may not be available in a few months – the line will be refreshed in 2019. “There’s a forward plan to continually update the offerings for every race season,” he says.

So if you’re looking for something to celebrate the brand you race, or you’re a fan of Mazda’s current and past racing efforts, head to to see how you can wear that pride on your sleeve. The collection is available in Mazda dealers.