(Update 9.11.18) 2018 Initiatives: Mazda Motorsports’ Competition Parts

With the customer as its focus, Mazda Motorsports’ competition parts department has made many improvements this past year (includes many new price reductions and parts kits as of September 2018).

When discussing the focus of the competition parts team, Mazda Motorsports business development manager David Cook stated, “We’ve worked hard to understand the teams and racers. Simply, they want lower prices on parts, more options that will provide better results on track, parts in a timely manner, contingency awards, technical support, and at times, balance of performance support. It’s our job to use our resources wisely to make these key areas happen.”

To better understand the customer, Mazda has made the effort to go to them. That’s why the Mazda Motorsports track-side support program was launched in the Southeast U.S. in January. David Cook, along with Mazda Motorsports’ technical lead Josh Smith, and Mazda racer Steve Strickland attended every SE U.S. Majors race with plans to attend the SCCA ARRC event at Road Atlanta still to come. Some members of the Irvine, CA-based competition parts team will join Josh Smith and David Cook at the NASA Championships at Circuit of the Americas later this year, and SCCA’s Solo Nationals and Runoffs.

“We knew we could not go to every race in the country, so we had to be strategic, said Smith. “Our goal was to directly support as many racers as we could, and take those learnings to the entire Mazda racing community. That’s been our focus, day in and day out.”

To help summarize some of the improvements to the overall program this year, the competition parts team created a PDF document seen by clicking here. (Just the most recent can be found here.)

The highlights, which are further detailed in the PDF:

  • Lower prices on parts – since the 2017 SCCA Runoffs, hundreds of parts – competition and stock – have been discounted.
  • Many new products – MazdaMotorsports.com has seen a regular influx of new parts spotlights and price drops since the 2017 Runoffs. Many more, particularly kits, are coming.
  • Parts in a timely manner – many competition parts can now be sourced from multiple Mazda parts distribution centers around the country.
  • Contingency awards – Mazda is paying deeper in the results than ever before, and more than any other manufacturer.
  • Technical support – Mazda Motorsports’ track-side support program has assisted many Mazda racers in the SE, as well as nationwide via 800.435.2508.
  • Balance of performance support – Mazda Motorsports is working with many sanctioning bodies to achieve parity across the board.