Updated: Stock Parts Price Reductions

To further support the Mazda family, Mazda Motorsports, in conjunction with the Mazda OEM team, have reduced an additional 14 Mazda stock parts in price. The parts are listed below. To view the new prices, log into your account through the parts store on MazdaMotorsports.com.

Part # Product Name First Model Year Last Model Year Model Description
B660-15-010E-XX PUMP, WATER 1989 1995 323, 323S, PROTEGE, MIATA
8DN110271 GASKET SET, ENG. 1990 1993 MIATA MX-5
8DN210271 GASKET SET, ENG. 1994 1997 MIATA MX-5
8DN310271 GASKET SET, ENGINE 1999 2000 MIATA MX-5
B66014100E PUMP, OIL 1988 1992 323, PROTEGE, MIATA MX-5
B6S814100J PUMP,OIL- NEED 993071000 1995 1997 PROTEGE, MIATA MX-5
BP4W15025 FAN, ELECTRIC 1999 2005 MIATA MX-5
BP6D14100 PUMP, OIL 2001 2005 MIATA MX-5
M50517221E SHAFT, MAIN 2001 2006 MAZDA6, MIATA MX-5
M51617201B GEAR, MAIN 1990 2005 MIATA MX-5
M53617301A GEAR, COUNTER SHAFT 1990 2015 MIATA MX-5
MM0327200 DIFFERENTIAL 1995 2005 MIATA MX-5
NE5126240A FLANGE, REAR AXLE 2006 2015 MIATA MX-5