Parts Spotlight: NA & NB Miata Differential Brace

Two-piece brace protects the differential housing in the event of contact for your 1994-2005 Miatas.

Part No: 0000-02-5160-MC
Racer Price: $35.00

On 1.8-liter NA and NB Miatas the OEM differential housing has a notch on the passenger-side arm that is designed to help the unit absorb energy in the case of an accident. Mazda engineers designed the housing in such a way that the differential would separate first during a major street accident, absorbing energy and protecting larger components from damage. This is a great idea for a road car, but in a race car – especially a Spec Miata where close racing is the norm – that design element can become problematic, turning what would otherwise be inconsequential contact into the end of a race.

As of the February 2018 edition of SCCA’s General Competition Rules, it became possible to strengthen that arm and eliminate the engineered energy absorption point. Mazda Motorsports offers laser-cut plates that are designed to fit onto the differential housing of first- and second-generation 1.8-liter Miatas. Welded onto the differential housing in the proper positions, they effectively eliminate the designed separation point. Cut to fit perfectly – even accommodating the pin on the back of the differential arm (and using it for proper placement) – securing the 3/16-inch aluminum plates require no other modification to the differential housing.

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