New, Extended Hours: Competition Parts Department

Mazda Motorsports has extended its competition parts department hours effective immediately. Your Mazda Motorsports team is now taking calls from 6:30 am PT to 3:30 pm PT, extending the previous hours 30 minutes earlier and 30 minutes later, while now staying open from 12-1 pm PT.

“We surveyed our customers and learned that many would benefit from us staying open longer hours, particularly through the lunch hour and later in the day,” says David Cook, business development manager, Mazda Motorsports. “By opening 30 minutes earlier as well, we anticipate better spreading out the incoming calls throughout the day. This should lead to fewer customers waiting at any given point while improving the customer experience for those on the phone.”

The newest Mazda Motorsports team member, Josh Smith, was the missing piece. With his addition, the team can handle the additional hours.

“Josh is getting up to speed rather quickly, “comments Cook. “With his experience both racing and building cars – not just Spec Miatas for Panic Motorsports – and his previous motorsport education, a focus has been getting him set up with the training and tools to use the Mazda parts system. It just takes time. With his experience and knowledge, we believe this will be well worth it for our customers.”

 “I’m excited to meet more Mazda racers and provide more assistance on a one-on-one basis,” says Smith. “My focus since starting with Mazda in January has been to be a sponge so I can support our customers. I’ve traveled to three SCCA Majors events representing Mazda, and spent a couple weeks training in Irvine, CA with the competition parts team to be prepared to take customer calls. All of the efforts are to support our desire to provide a superior customer experience. It’s all about our customers.”

Josh Smith’s focus will remain helping to drive the customer experience through the work he does at the track and now on the phone. He will be attending the SCCA Majors event at Road Atlanta this weekend, and several others. While on the road for race events he won’t be taking customer calls, we don’t expect the two roles will be a difficult balance for Mr. Smith.