Florida ProSolo Highlighted Driving in Rain and Shine

The Florida ProSolo concludes the first ProSolo of the 2018 season with beautiful Saturday morning conditions that turned to steady rain for the afternoon, leading to fun, but not fast driving. Sunday brought drying conditions in the morning and as the sun came out the course rubbered in nicely, making it a challenging weekend. 

In C Street, Darrin Disimo took a strong 0.8 second win over GH Sharp and Rick Cone, all in ND (4th generation) Miatas. Steven Hughes took 3rd in ES by less than 3 tenths of a second in his NB (second generation) Miata. Mazda congratulates Eric Peterson on the win.

STR was an exciting, tight race, as predicted. Despite a mechanical issue, Will Koscielny clung to 3rd, but the real battle was between Ian Stewart and David Marcus. It came down to final Sunday runs, both cars appearing to be a perfect mirror image of each other on the two nearly identical courses.  As the dust settled, David emerged victorious by just .093 seconds in his painters tape blue ND Miata, making one of the greatest battles of the weekend. 

In STS, AJ Snyder took the win in his NA Miata (that we hear is purple, but not an M Edition) over Joe Austin in his Mini Cooper. 

On to the race tires, Buckie Maxey took a strong second place and also qualified for the Super Challenge in his first ever ProSolo event with his MazdaSpeed Miata, despite having clutch issues that slowed him down. We will be watching him closely this season. Also finishing a respectable 4th in a large class was Hector San Nicolas in a CSP 1995 Miata.

In the ladies classes, all of the Mazda drivers were bumped into one combined L3/L2 class, with Laura Campbell in an ND Miata taking a close 2nd place to Jordan Towns. Congratulations also to Gwen Habenicht in 4th and Aimee Morfa in 5th, both in ND Miatas. 

Congratulations to all drivers of the Florida ProSolo! Next ProSolo will be held March 23, 2018 in Fontana, CA. For the full ProSolo schedule go to: https://www.scca.com/pages/prosolo

Pictured: Jordan Towns (left), Gwen Habenicht (center), and Jennifer Bedell (right), standing in front of Gwen’s 2016 ND Miata.