Mazda Discounts Stock Parts to Further Support Mazda Racers

Through September 22, 2017 select Mazda stock parts are discounted an additional 20 percent to support racers in anticipation of this season’s championship events.

Mazda Motorsports continues to find new ways to support Mazda Team Support Members. “There are a number of programs and plans in the works to better support our racers. This additional 20 percent discount is just one of them,” said David Cook, business development manager, Mazda Motorsports. “We understand the cost to compete and maintain race cars can be a challenge for many. Our program is set up to reduce these burdens with contingency awards, parts discounts, technical support, and more. While this initiative is temporary (almost 2 months), it will help many racers continue to compete a little easier leading up to this season’s championship races.”

Mazda recognizes a need and desire for Mazda racers to maintain the proper appearance of their race cars. So, Mazda has focused on providing the additional discount on stock parts (stock parts are already discounted through the Mazda Team Support Member Program) most susceptible to damage caused by contact.

Mazda Motorsports sells stock parts and competition racing parts. With the stock parts sold to Mazda dealers and Mazda Team Support Members, it is important this additional discount to the racers does not lead to running the dealers out of stock. Mazda racers will need to call Mazda Motorsports’ competition parts department at 800.435.2508 to receive this discount. If inventory levels are running relatively low at a given time (determined by average monthly movement, and current sales status relative to current inventory levels and quantity of inventory in-transit), the discount will be suspended until inventory levels return to acceptable levels.

Notes: Pro racers will not get an additional discount; the ND MX-5 is stock parts are not included in this additional discount; all other model that have been converted to race cars are eligible; all other current rules apply (e.g., exclusive autocrossers cannot buy crash damage parts). For more information or clarification, ask your Mazda Motorsports’ representative.

To view the stock parts list that will be offered with the 20 percent discount, click the model below:

NA & NB Miatas (Spec Miata)
NC Miata