Meet Dan Sumner: Newest Mazda Motorsports Team Member

The Mazda Motorsports team welcomes Dan Sumner from the Mazda dealer parts assistance group (DAG). After five years working with Mazda, three of which were spent on the DAG team, Dan is ready to hit the ground running for the motorsport team. 

During these last five years, Dan has amassed significant Mazda stock parts knowledge; has become well-versed utilizing the Mazda parts system; has continued to build relationships with customers; and delivers an excellent customer experience.

Prior to joining Mazda, Dan worked in some of the most prestigious resorts for 10 years, where the focus is the customer experience. This experience helped make him a great fit with Mazda, which prides itself on taking a customer-centric approach. 

In addition to the Mazda parts knowledge and customer experience, Dan has a passion for all things automotive and motorsports. Growing up, he wrenched on vehicles with his dad, and was a student of motorsport, watching all types of racing. Dan came to love the exhilaration of driving over the years and has always been drawn towards going fast. This connection to racing and commitment to Mazda makes Dan a perfect addition to our team.