Close Battles Between Mazdas at Devens Championship Tour

SCCA national autocross event in Massachusetts sees Billy Davis take overall top index time

The 2017 Tire Rack Devens Championship Tour continued the SCCA Solo season with overcast skies and some leftover moisture from the previous day. A number of people were coming to Devens for the first time, while others returned after a number of years away from the unique site. The course was set up on part of an ex-military runway and two taxiways in the shape of a triangle, with a course length of nearly one mile. Despite the gloomy weather, competitors were excited to take on the Brian Levesque-designed course, a challenging layout with many transitional elements that have become the staple of the Devens runway.

In STR, a trio of brand-new Mazda Miata drivers battled for the top spot. Co-drivers Mark Dudek and Will Koscielny, in a 2017 Miata, held first and second ahead of Darren DiSimo after Saturday competition. DiSimo took advantage of Koscielny’s coned second run to slip into the bridesmaid position, as Dudek continually dropped time to the tune of a 58.0 on his final run. This gave him a half-second win over DiSimo as Koscielny was relegated to third, unable to match the pace of his second run while staying clean.

The closest class of the day went to C Street, where drivers in two different Mazda models battled it out – Brian Doherty in an RX-8 and Mark Shrivastava in an ND Miata fought to a close finish. On Saturday’s runs, Doherty held the early lead and finished with a 65.9, about three-tenths ahead of Shrivastava. On Sunday’s course, the tables turned, with Shrivastava taking the lead early on with a 60.5 as Doherty could only manage a 62. As Doherty dropped time, Shrivastava did as well, with the final runs culminating in both drivers improving and Shrivastava holding onto a 0.004sec lead.

Mazda drivers also won in E Street (Rich Wayne, Miata), STS (Ben Wagstaff, Miata), CSP (Billy Davis, Miata) and SM (Jeff Hurst, RX-8). Davis also took the overall top index time over 175 other drivers.

The Tire Rack Championship Tour continues with the Tire Rack Bristol Championship Tour, June 30-July 2.

In the Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo National Series, Match Tour and Solo Championship Tour events, Mazda offers competitors up to $275 for a win, $175 for second, $150 for third, $125 for fourth and $100 for a fifth-place finish via its contingency program. Challenge winners in the ProSolo series reap rewards courtesy of Mazda with $350 for a win and $250 for a second-place finish.

Mazda’s contingency payouts get even more generous for season-ending events, with SCCA ProSolo points winners earning up to $850 for first, $550 for second and $300 for third, while SCCA Solo National Championship competitors can claim up to $850 for a win, $550 for second, $300 for third, $200 for fourth and $125 for fifth. Solo Triad winners receive a $600 bonus through Mazda, and one Solo competitor will qualify for Mazda’s $20,000 Advancement Scholarship.

Full details on Mazda’s contingency program and registration for autocross can be found here.

SCCA Tire Rack Devens Championship Tour
Devens Air Field, Ayer, Mass., June 17-18, 2017
Mazda Class Winners
C Street: Mark Shrivastava; Alexandria, Va.; 2017 Miata
E Street: Rich Wayne; Floral Park, N.Y.; 1999 Miata
Street Touring Roadster: Mark Dudek; Boston, Mass.; 2017 Miata
Street Touring Sport: Ben Wagstaff; Pelham, N.H.; 1991 Miata
C Street Prepared: Billy Davis; Auburn Hills, Mich.; 1999 Miata
Street Modified: Jeff Hurst; Huntington Station, N.Y.; 2005 RX-8