A Prime Example of Promotional Effort

Throughout the years, we have been asked what it takes to be a top-level professional driver.  And throughout the years, we have reinforced the importance of being the total package.  The effort it takes to live this on a daily basis will always be high.

There is not one recipe for success.  Most drivers are adaptable and work to accomplish their partners’ goals and objectives.  One focus of Mazda’s is to share our passion about why Driving Matters.

At the end of May, Mazda visited the Metropolitan M1 Concourse in Detroit, MI.  Tom Long, driver of the No. 70 RT-24P, attended in support.  If you read Tom’s bio on MazdaMotorsports.com, you’d know he showed up prepared and worked hard all day (though he would not call it hard work).  For many racers, that’s where the effort stops. But Tom, as he often does, shared his thoughts in a post on his website.

It’s the extra effort and results that differentiate drivers and resonates with partners.  So for those wondering what it takes, you don’t have to look further than Tom Long.


Media Day at the Metropolitan M1 Concourse