Sammy Valafar Claims ProSolo Victory

Driving a Miata, Valafar claimed both the C Street and Super Challenge wins

The 2017 Tire Rack Fontana ProSolo® was held on a different date and at a different venue than originally planned, but the rolling parking lots of Auto Club Speedway provided a good substitute and created plenty of excitement. Two-hundred and twenty-six competitors lined up at the lights on mirror courses to challenge others and earn a spot in one of the challenges.

A Street Prepared driver Tom Berry may have earned top qualifier honors in the Super Challenge, but he was knocked out after three rounds  by Sammy Valafar in his E Street Mazda Miata. Anthony Porta was able to rise to the Challenge Finale in his BSP Mazda Miata through consistency, and some fortunate red lights from his competition. In the end, Valafar triumphed over Porta for the Super Challenge victory.

Sebastian Rios took the win in the Bonus Challenge in his 2006 MX-5 after missing the victory in the ultra-competitive Street Touring roadster class.

In class competition before the Challenge rounds, Maurice Velandia took the C Street victory in his 2016 MX-5 Miata, beating an all-Mazda 12-car field that was mostly NDs, but also included an RX-8 and some NC MX-5s as well. Valafar, who traveled to Fontana from Las Vegas, won the E Street title to earn his spot in the Super Challenge. And Andy McKee took the Race Tire Index 2 class in his potent 1993 RX-7.

Fontana ProSolo Mazda Winners
Super Challenge: Sammy Valafar, 2002 Mazda Miata (E Street)
Bonus Challenge: Sebastian Rios, 2006 MX-5 (STR)
C Street: Maurice Velandia, 2016 MX-5 Miata
E Street: Sammy Valafar, 2002 Miata
Race Tire Index 2: Andy McKee, 1993 RX-7