Parts Spotlight: NA & NB Miata Hard Top Brackets Set

The hard top brackets work for all 1990-2005 Miatas.
Part no. 0000-04-5997-MC
Price: $90.00

While running a hard top in many categories remains optional – Spec Miata included – there are some aspects of using a hard top that are not optional – the factory mounting brackets cannot be used for racing.

So if you choose or are required to run a hard top, you must use positive fasteners beyond what the factory provided.

To quote the Spec Miata section in the SCCA General Competition Rules: “Convertible tops and attaching hardware shall be completely removed. Cars may compete with the Mazda factory detachable hard top in place (latches shall be replaced with positive fasteners), but it is not mandatory.”

“It’s a secure way to mount the hardtop,” says Josh Smith, Mazda Motorsports technical specialist. That’s something that’s required by the rules. They’re aluminum, so they don’t rust. The kit comes with the four brackets and bolts.”

The brackets are an essential piece of safety equipment that are easily overlooked. You can be sure, though, that the scrutineer won’t overlook their absence.

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Pricing is subject to change.