Mazda’s Contingency Program: New Offerings

IRVINE, Calif. (January 18, 2017)  Feedback on the 2017 Mazda Contingency Awards Program has been very positive. While some race winners and point’s champions will receive slightly less in 2017 than would have with the 2016 program, the community has embraced the larger goal of supporting more of our Mazda racers with contingency. We are paying deeper in fields than ever before and rewarding more drivers for their performance and participation. And now, we want to let you know Mazda’s contingency program got just a little better than when announced earlier this month.


•    The requirement to earn full contingency at the SCCA Solo Nationals has been reduced. Rather than it being necessary to compete in three Match Tour or Championship Tour events, it is now two events. See page 4 for the info.

•    For the ProSolo Point’s Championship, there are a few requirements. But a requirement to earn full contingency was that there must be six starters in class for the three events has been reduced to five starters.

•    We launched, “Mazda’s Solo Competitor Bonus.” If you compete in a Mazda in at least three national events (i.e. ProSolo, Match Tours, Championship Tour events) without earning contingency, you are eligible to compete at Solo Nationals for $500. Mazda will award $500 to the top 10 of those competitors based on PAX finishing position.

Hoosier Super Tour Club Road Racing: We created a new offering called, “Spec Miata Participation Bonus.” A random draw will occur after each Super Tour Spec Miata race to award one participant who did not earn contingency with $100. Of course, like all contingency offerings, car & driver must be compliant with rules of this program.

A reminder on the rules: We forecast paying many more racers this season and need everyone’s help to be compliant with the program rules – decals, patches, timeliness in submitting contingency, etc. To put forth this program requires our motorsport team to stick to the rules and requirements within it. This could mean denying payment if the rules stipulate such when a racer does not comply with the rules – which is the last thing our team wants. Pleas read the requirements; ask any question you have; and please spread the word to your fellow racers. We are here to support you and thank you for your support in us!

Your Mazda Family