2016 Mazda Contingency Awards

Changes have been made for the 2016 Mazda Contingency Awards. Great news continues: No manufacturer pays more in total contingency to the SCCA and NASA grassroots racers in North America than Mazda!

Whether you’re a club racer, autocrosser or pro, we’ve got you covered.

What are the requirements for submitting a contingency request? Same as 2015; to name a few, you’ll need to submit:
•    A current (December 2014) W-9 tax form.
•    Photos of your race car displaying the proper logos (proper location on car; correct backgrounds, etc.), ensuring compliance with the 2016 Contingency rules.
•    A photo of yourself in your driver’s suit – without helmet – with the 5in. Mazda patch on the chest pocket area. (Not applicable for autocross.)

What is one of the biggest changes?
For the 2016 season, we are asking Mazda competitors to begin replacing the “MAZDASPEED” decal on the front nose/hood with a 22 inch “Mazda” logo decal (same logo decal used on rear fender/quarter panels). For 2016 grassroots’ competitors, we will approve contingency award requests with the “Mazda” or “MAZDASPEED” logos. Starting with the 2017 season, race vehicles will be required to have the “Mazda” logo decals only. (Pro teams must be compliant during the 2016 season.)

What are the highlights? Well, too many to reasonably state here, so you’ll need to open the PDF below and ensure you are compliant with all the rules. But for starters:
•    $200,000 scholarship for the 2016 Idemitsu MX-5 Cup champion (one among many scholarships for the MRT24 and MRTI ladders).
•    $6,000 for Pirelli World Challenge Touring Car win (in 2015, it was $5,000).
•    $5000 for an SCCA National Championship Runoffs victory* and for a Pirelli World Challenge Touring Car A win (in 2015, it was $4,000).
•    $3500 for a NASA Eastern States or Western States Championships win.
•    $1500 for a NASA regional championship.*
•    $1200 award for the SCCA SOLO Triad Award.
•    $1000 for an SCCA SOLO national championship and Pro SOLO points championship.
•    $800 for an SCCA Divisional Points championship or Majors Tour win.**
•    In 2016, many of the championship payouts require you or your fellow competitors to compete in a lower percentage of races to be eligible to collect contingency.
•    We even pay for time trials, Rally, RallyCross, Formula Drift, endurance racing, and other special events.

Is it any wonder that there are more Mazda’s raced on any given weekend than any other auto manufacturer?

Applicable PDFs:
Mazda’s 2016 Contingency Awards Requirements
Contingency Awards Program Official Request Form
W-9 (December 2014)

*T1 and T2 are now eligible to collect contingency for the SCCA Runoffs.
**Does not include Spec Miata or Formula Mazda.