Mazda Motorsports’ Spotlight: Scott Kaluza

Today we introduce the first of a series of articles featuring the motorsports’ team members at Mazda North American Operations. Meet Scott Kaluza.

Scott Kaluza is a Parts Technical Specialist with MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development at Mazda North American Operations located in Irvine, CA. Kaluza started with the Motorsports’ wing of Mazda in the summer of 2002. “I have the pleasure of speaking with Mazda racers, both amateur and professional, on a daily basis. Most of my day is spent consulting Mazda racers on the start of their new builds and on maintaining or repairing a current car. Afterward, I process the parts orders for delivery. When applicable, I send the parts directly to the race event to keep the Mazda racers on track and competitive,” commented Kaluza. In addition, Kaluza handles the day-to-day accounting for the department, including processing credits from parts returns. He assists in the inventory control for the department to ensure a suitable level of parts is on hand for order fulfillment.  “Track-side support of Mazda racers is one thing I am quite prideful about. I know how important racing is to me and to our customers. Many work tireless hours to prepare their cars; many spend their hard-earned money funding it. Tasks such as ensuring the Mazda Motorsports’ parts trailer is fully and appropriately loaded at the year-end championship races Mazda is important to me. Working the trailer at the events and seeing the hard work payoff by myself, my colleagues and our customers inspires me.”

Prior to joining the motorsports department: Kaluza started with the Mazda brand in the mid ‘90s at the dealer level. He worked in the parts department taking care of the technicians’ parts needs and spending most of his time working with the wholesale parts accounts, which included independent service and body shops. During this time, he began meeting Mazda club racers and started enjoying the racing side of the business. “Luckily at that time,” commented Kaluza, “I was working at one of the few Mazda dealers in Southern California that still had technicians rebuilding rotary engines.”

Scott’s passion for racing: Soon after starting work with MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development, Kaluza rented a Spec Miata and obtained his racing license by completing an SCCA Super School at Buttonwillow Raceway Park. From there he did some more club racing enduros and participated in a few NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill events as crew and driver with the likes of Shannon McMasters and Charles Espenlaub. “The Mazda racing community is full of many outstanding individuals that are welcoming and helpful with the beginner racer because they have all been there.  A highlight for me was being asked to be the fire bottle guy for the #70 SpeedSource GT RX-8 at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, which won the race. Being on the front lines at a race, particularly when you’re winning, is one of the most enjoyable parts of this sport.”

Scott’s other passions for sport: Aside from auto racing on both the amateur and pro levels, Kaluza enjoys cycling, mountain bike riding, hiking the JMT and rock guitar!

Scott’s belief in the Mazda brand: “Mazda will always design and build cars that look great and drive exceptionally because driving matters to our employees and customers. Racing is the direct outcome of this way of thinking; it’s nowhere more evident than on a race track from the starting grid to the checkered flag.”