Order Your 2016 MX-5 Cup Car Now!

Here’s what you need to know to make sure your name is in the drawing for chassis numbers on Oct. 28.

Due to the need to assign build order and expected delivery windows, we need to place a timeline for our initial 2016 MX-5 Cup car orders. Ordering will not cease as we will build an MX-5 Cup car for every order. For those who order their MX-5 Cup cars, provide payment and signed purchase agreements within the timeline that follows, they will be entered into a live drawing of chassis numbers on Wednesday, Oct. 28 at noon PST / 3 PM EST.

To be among the first to receive your all-new 2016 MX-5 Cup race car and be entered into the drawing for chassis numbers, you will need to:
• Place your order on www.MazdaMotosports.com by Friday, October 16, and
• Long Road Racing will need to receive your signed purchase agreement and payment by Friday, October 23.

For those who meet these two requirements above, the build process is below:
• 2015 Idemitsu MX-5 Cup competitors will receive their builds first;
• Those who prepay four 2016 MX-5 Cup events will receive their builds among the second group;
• Current MAZDASPEED Team Support Members will receive their builds among the third group;
• Non-MAZDASPEED Team Support Members will receive their builds among the fourth group.

Starting this Saturday, Oct. 17, 2016 MX-5 Cup race cars will be built according to when orders are received—not based on priority groups. All of these orders will be built after the completion of the ones who submitted their order online by this Friday and made payment to Long Road Racing by the following Friday. Chassis numbers will be designated in the order that payments are received.

How to place order online:
Step 1: Go to the www.MazdaMotorsports.com homepage

Step 2: Click the banner link at the top of the home page that states, “ORDER YOUR ALL-NEW 2016 GLOBAL MAZDA MX-5 CUP RACE CAR NOW – CLICK HERE.”

Step 3: Scroll down below the picture and fill out the 10-question form.

How to make payment to Long Road Racing:
Step 1: Check your inbox within 24 hours for two emails: One email from Mazda that will include the next steps; the second e-mail from Long Road Racing will include the purchase agreement for your review.

Step 2: Within the next steps e-mail by Mazda, we will send optional phone call times for you to speak with a representative from Mazda Motorsports and Long Road Racing to answer any of your questions.

Step 3: To secure your order, payment (e.g., check, wire transfer) AND the signed purchase agreement must be received by Long Road Racing by Friday, October 23.

Assigning chassis numbers for the first builds:
For those who have already placed their orders and for those who do by this Friday, you will be among the first builds and will be assigned chassis numbers. On October 26, we will email all those who have secured their payments (ordered online by October 16 and submitted payment to Long Road Racing by October 23) with:

• An estimate on when they will receive their orders, and

• Instructions for how to log into a live online chassis drawing that will take place on Wednesday, October 28 at noon PST / 3 PM EST.

Summary of dates noted above:
• Friday, October 16: Order on MazdaMotorsports.com to be among first builds.

• Friday, October 23: Payment must be received by Long Road Racing to secure order amongst the first builds.

• Monday, October 26: Email to those who placed their orders to be among the first builds.

• Wednesday, October 28: Live online chassis drawing using a webinar format.

• Indefinitely: Orders/payments can be received indefinitely for 2016 MX-5 Cup cars. Orders/payments received after the deadlines noted above will be built in order.