Jesse Prather builds championship-winning cars and knows how to make them work.

Announcing Jesse Prather Motorsports Line

Mazda racer and racecar builder will be creating products for MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development.

Want to find a good part for your racecar? You want something proven and built by someone who has not only won national championships as a driver, but built a host of winning cars for other drivers as well?

Jesse Prather’s experience in motorsports goes well beyond what his age of 39 might indicate. His father, Kent Prather, for whom he worked for 10 years, has eight SCCA Club Racing National Championships. Jesse has three to his name – two in F Production and one in E Prod, all in Miatas. Last year his engines won three championships at the Runoffs. So when he builds parts for Miatas, chances are they’re going to be pretty good.

Since the shop that he’s run since 2009, Jesse Prather Motorsports, is a Mazda shop, it only makes sense for Prather and MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development to team up.
“I’ve developed a lot of bits and pieces for Mazdas, and that’s how the current deal came about with them selling a Jesse Prather Motorsports line of parts,” Jesse says. “I was approached by John Doonan a couple of years ago about doing something like this, and I’ve been working with Steve [Sanders] and David  [Cook] on what components we thought would work well to be sold through MAZDASPEED Motorsports. We’ve got four items we’re going to start with and we will probably expand from there.”

Those four parts are all for Miatas, which we will feature as three parts spotlights every two weeks, starting next Tuesday:
1. Double adjustable AFCO aluminum body coil over shocks – Releases May 19
2. Flywheels and clutches – Releases June 2
3. Oil pan baffle plates – Releases June 16

The first two parts spotlights will include a great pricing promotion if ordered within the first week of when the part and its parts spotlight are released; you will see a marginal price increase for week number two, though it will remain at a discount, during the two-week promotional period; after the second week, it returns to the regular price, which is still quite a steal.

We’ll tell you more about these pieces in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you want to learn about some of the cars he’s built or help build, read about the MX-5 he raced in E Production for a couple of years or Eric Prill’s F Production Miata.